2018 Investor Presentation

Diginex is a Singapore domiciled financial technology company that builds products, delivers services and develops solutions that utilize distributed ledger and other technologies to improve the efficiency of financial markets and the current cryptocurrency industry. Diginex believes in a future where all financial and non-financial transaction data is recorded on distributed ledgers, such as blockchains. This will enable the financial services industry to reduce the cost of originating, distributing and executing transactions of financial assets, all of which depend on access to secure and trusted data.

Diginex has established several complementary lines of business to deliver products and services to its clients. These lines consist of (i) the Exchange Business, (ii) the custody business (“Digivault”), (iii) the Trading Business, including Diginex Access (iv) the Investment Products Business, (v) the Capital Markets Business and (vi) the Asset Management Business.